Graduate profile

Graduates of the MIC are interculturally competent communication professionals able to work in a global context from a European Perspective. They anticipate change and are able to create, offer and manage sustainable and innovative solutions to problems from the professional field at a senior managerial or consultancy level

Knowing how, when and where to apply these theories shows mastery of the profession. For that students will need to understand the roles the communication professional can have at the different levels in an organization, and how those roles relate to its strategic process. The communication professional is always able to motivate his choices based on evidence established through research. What is the specific responsibility of the communication professional, other than reputation management?

A few examples of what could be on your business card after graduation:

• Head of Corporate Communication

• Director of Media Relations

• Spokesperson

• Communication Consultant

• Public Relations Advisor

• Intercultural Trainer

• International Communication Facilitator

• Director of Public Affairs